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The preferred method of tooth replacement is the dental implant, due to its unparalleled stability and long-term patient satisfaction. Implants are truly a cut above conventional denture treatments, and many patients who have chosen this option report they are happy and comfortable for the first time since the loss of their natural teeth.
Their benefits include:
 Improved oral health, ability to eat, appearance, and self-esteem
 Increased denture comfort and stability
 Prevention of further bone loss by stimulating current bone/root system
 Reduced shrinkage (i.e., resorption) of tissue, ensuring long-term fit
 Maintains the integrity of your facial structure, minimizing the effects of aging
   and helping you look younger

A variety of implant options are available, and fall under two main categories:
Implant Supported Dentures: Higher stability than implant-retained, and stronger bite force. This category includes the new and revolutionary Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day procedure.
Implant Retained Dentures: Provide stability and support through both implant and tissue in mouth.

To help determine the right solution to your needs, please book your free consultation with us. During this time, we can better assess your unique expectations and offer detailed information on all available options.

Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day is the ultimate dental implant solution for denture wearers, offering permanent, non-removable teeth in just one day through the All-on-4™ technology. Patients who choose this treatment receive the closest possible functionality to their natural teeth, and are able to eat their favourite foods again, while enjoying renewed self-confidence...all in just one day!

Please visit our dedicated Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day page for full information on this revolutionary procedure. Click here.

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