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Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day: Join the Smile Revolution!

Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day was first developed in Europe to help provide denture wearers with a permanent, predictable, and cost-effective solution to their denture needs. Having worn removable prosthetics for years, many denture wearers were simply unhappy with the embarrassment, pain, and inconvenience of conventional treatments.

 Living with Denture Challenges
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Losing all of your teeth and living with removable dentures can be very difficult. As a denture wearer, you may be suffering from challenges such as:

Difficulty Eating
Studies have shown that denture wearers experience a 10-fold reduction in bite-force, and up to 3 times less chewing efficiency, than compared to their natural teeth. Denture wearers swallow larger pieces of food, and are more susceptible to digestive complications including indigestion, constipation, and nutrition deficiencies.
Social Embarrassment and Phobias
Humiliating experiences can be a way of life to a denture wearer, leading them to withdraw from social activities and avoid being seen in public. Isolation, loneliness, depression, and fear of intimacy are all unfortunate realities that plague many denture wearers.
Reduced Taste
Dentures, by design, cover the upper palate of the mouth, thereby reducing the taste and joy derived from favourite foods. As a result, many denture wearers over-salt their food in an attempt to enhance the taste, putting them at increased risks of higher blood pressure and other serious health consequences.
Sore Spots
Loose dentures cause blistering inside the mouth, known as a sore spot, making it difficult and painful to eat. Sore spots are a common complaint amongst people who wear dentures, and unfortunately, no long-term denture solution is available since tissue inside the mouth is always changing.
Denture wearers must routinely remove their dentures every night, clean them, and remember where they put them, making denture-maintenance a nuisance and inconvenience. Many denture wearers lose their dentures through these activities.

Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day is the ultimate dental implant solution for denture wearers, offering permanent, non-removable teeth in just one day. This innovative solution is made possible through the use of a technology called All-on-4™, a simplified treatment concept that provides:

 Permanent, non-removable teeth
 Beautiful, predictable aesthetics
 Full and immediate functionality

...all in just one day!

Prior to the development of All-on-4, patients often had to endure many long, uncomfortable, and expensive procedures such as bone-grafting, to ensure that enough bone was available to integrate with their implants. With All-on-4, there is far less likelihood of requiring any bone-grafting at all. The All-on-4 technique is also unique, allowing for the placement of a complete arch of permanent teeth on just four* dental implants, placed at angles to utilize the best available bone. Best of all, this all happens for you in just one day!
*Occasionally, five implants are required.

To determine whether you are candidate for this revolutionary procedure, please contact us to book your free consultation. Alternatively, please complete the online form and one of our staff will be happy to contact you to setup an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Q: Can I get Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day for one or two teeth?
A: Unfortunately, no. Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day is only available for people suffering from complete-arch tooth loss, meaning no teeth in your upper or lower (or both) arch.

Q: Can I get Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day on just one arch?
A: Yes. Many of our patients choose to have the procedure done on just one arch, while keeping their removable dentures on the opposing arch. However, most of them then decide to have the opposing arch completed after enjoying the benefits of the first arch!

Q: Can someone who has some teeth still qualify for Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day procedure?
A: Yes. We are able to do extractions on the same day as your procedure in most cases.

Q: How will I clean my fixed teeth if I can't remove them?
A: Your teeth can easily be cleaned with a tooth brush, although a water pick is recommended as well. It's as simple as that!

Q: Why is this solution better than a removable solution?
A: There is no need to take your dentures out at night or once a day for cleaning and you will never again be caught off-guard in social situations. You will simply eat healthier, feel better about yourself, and regain your confidence.

Q: Will it hurt?
A: There is far less pain and swelling associated with Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day as compared to more conventional surgical approaches.

Q: Is this procedure very expensive?
A: Relative to other conventional permanent teeth solutions and even some removable implant-retained solutions, Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day is very affordable. Payment plans are also available.

Q: How many appointments will be required?
A: Depending on whether you choose to convert your current dentures into implants, or start with a new set of dentures, appointment requirements will vary. As for the treatment itself, you will receive your permanent teeth on the very same day as the procedure, and will require 1-2 subsequent follow-up visits to make sure things are going smoothly.

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